Privacy Policy

1. What personal information of users can be used by the company?

When logging in to the portal as a user by specifying:
E-mail address of the mailbox.
electronic wallet number.
Such information about the client is recorded on the portal and remains available for use throughout the entire period of cooperation with the company.

2. How is personal information about the client used?
Personal information, which you specify during the usage of the service, is stored on the service and can be used to
Contribute to the efficient operation of the portal and its applications, get a complete picture of how well the portal services work in order to qualitatively provide services to customers;
Help the technical department effectively carry out its activities;
investigate deficiencies and problems in the functioning of the portal and improve the quality of services provided by the company;
inform the customers by means of newsletters to the e-mail box promotional and other information such as new services, convenient applications, etc;
to establish communication between the client and the administration of the portal in order to quickly respond to the services provided and the work of the resource as a whole;
Respond quickly to help the customer in case of fraudulent threats.

3. Who can use individual customer data?
The information entered during the use of the site is not disclosed to anyone.

4 How long do cookies stay on my computer?
The information contained in text files is stored on your computer for a long time. The storage time depends on the type of cookie. As soon as certain tasks have been completed, these files are automatically deleted from the computer.

5. Guaranteed security for users
Employees of portal administration provide a set of measures to protect user data. They are designed for prompt detection of fraudulent actions, which helps to reduce the facts of dissemination of user information to other persons.