Internet Exchange Rules

1 General Provisions.
1.1 This Agreement establishes the procedure for the provision of electronic money exchange services by the Internet service.
1.2 The Internet service means an Internet resource for e-money and digital money exchange placed in the network. 1.3 The User is a private or legal person who wishes to use the services of the Internet service.
1.3 The User means a private or legal person who wishes to use the services of the online service.
1.4 The User and the Internet resource shall be jointly referred to as the Parties.
1.5 The Parties agree that this Agreement, concluded in electronic form, has the same legal force as a paper document and will regulate the relationship between the Users (individual or legal entity) and the Party that provides services of a certain type.
1.6 The Agreement is a public offer, which the User registers by submitting an application through the web resource of the Internet Service for the provision of services provided by the Internet Service.

2 Object of the Agreement.
2.1 The online resource provides the services described in clause 4 of this Agreement.
2.2 The User uses the services of the Internet resource to make payments at their expense, subject to the conditions defined in the Agreement.

3 Rights and obligations of the Parties
3.1 The Internet Service shall:
3.1.1 Perform conversion of virtual currencies of online wallets and other systems, in compliance with the standards stipulated in this Agreement.
3.1.2 Provide any support (technical and informational) to Users in the process of conducting money transactions using the Internet Service.
3.1.3 To keep anonymous the detailed information about the performed exchange transactions (the personal data of the Users, when the exchange transaction was carried out, its amount, other information) and to provide it only to the Users who carried out these transactions. Data on money transactions in different directions with payment service systems has the status of "Confidential" and is not subject to disclosure.
3.1.4 Take into account data about bonuses and discounts issued to the Users.
3.2 User must:
3.2.1 Provide true information and details for quick cash transactions.
3.2.2 Show exact information about the used electronic address.
3.2.3 Provide a way to receive system messages to your online email account. Know how to access the Internet using a computer, smartphone or other electronic equipment. Use the latest antivirus software to establish a secure connection to an Internet resource.
3.2.4. Strictly comply with all terms and conditions of this Agreement.

4 Services provided
4.1 The Internet Service performs electronic money exchange.
4.2 The Internet Service shall not be obliged to check the legality of the User's possession of funds used in the process of transactions.

5 Regulation of electronic money exchange

5.1 Conducting transactions begins only after the receipt of funds from the User, which are intended for the exchange. If the funds are not credited to the User's application within 20 minutes, the application is automatically canceled by the security service of the exchanger. If the payment is received after the specified time (90 minutes for cryptocurrency), it will be carried out at the exchange rate current at the time of crediting funds from the User.
5.2 The transaction is considered completed after the funds have been transferred to the account specified by the User.
5.3 The User can't interrupt the initiated transaction or return the money sent for exchange.
5.4 In case of receipt of the amount that does not coincide with the amount specified in the application, the Internet Service may delay the exchange. After the User's appeal to the technical support and perform the payment of the actually credited amount at the exchange rate that was in effect at the time of the transaction.
5.5 If the User has indicated invalid or blocked details, the exchange operation is interrupted. Funds are credited to the User's account on the basis of his application to technical support in accordance with paragraph.

6 Warranties and responsibility of the Parties
6.1 The online-service bears no material or moral responsibility for incompetent use of the service functions by the User, as well as miscalculations made by him when completing any items in the standard application form for exchanging electronic money. Even if the money has been credited to the wrong account, no cancellation of the transaction or refund will be made.
6.2 The online service shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the User's inability to use the required equipment in whole or in part.
6.3 The online service is not responsible for the actions of banks and payment systems, which resulted in errors or delays in the transaction.
6.4 The online service is not responsible for the costs, losses or shortfalls in income of the User due to the User's erroneous representations about the tariffs, profitability of the transaction and other subjective moments.
6.5 The Internet Service shall not be liable for expenses of different nature incurred due to errors/delays in carrying out electronic transfers or payments.
6.6 The User proves that he/she is a legal owner of the funds, has legal grounds for using electronic money, which take part in exchange transactions.
6.7 The User guarantees that at the time of using the Internet Service he/she has reached the age of majority, in accordance with the laws of the country where the User is located.

7 Changes in information
7.1 The Administration of the Internet Service may supplement or change this Agreement at any time. At the same time all changes come into force after they are posted on the site.

8 Force Majeure
8.1 The Parties who have entered into the Agreement are exempted from any liability for delay in performance of their obligations if force majeure events have occurred. They concern: natural disasters, commencement of hostilities, fire, explosion, terrorist attack, flood, riot, hacker attack, mass civil unrest. They also include the absence or failure of the power grid, limited access to the Internet and communication services, and other systems and networks.