Questions and answers

Do I need to register to exchange?
Registration is not required to perform a digital currency exchange transaction on the online service.
However, registered Users have a number of advantages, such as a favorable Cooperation Program. Also, it simplifies and speeds up the creation of applications and conducting transactions.

How to correct a request with incorrect requisites?
It happens that after creating a request, you realized that you specified incorrect requisites. In this situation, you need, as soon as possible, to tell the support service the correct data to prevent payment to the wrong details. Service, applications are processed within an average of 5 minutes. If your request has already been processed and the funds have been sent, it is impossible to return your funds. If your request has been suspended, please contact the support service to resolve the situation and correct the personal data.

What is transaction confirmation?
To transfer Bitcoin cryptocurrency from one wallet to another, it is necessary to receive confirmation from the Bitcoin network. This process performs a protective function, only after which, the recipient can dispose of the cryptocurrency sent to him. In this way, the blockchain system prevents the reuse of the same digital units.

Can I cancel a completed transaction?
No. A completed transaction cannot be undone.